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All kiteboarding / kitesurfing lessons and equipment is owned and provided by Dyskite Pty Ltd T/as Altona KSS. All students are to be fully aware that all Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing lessons are weather dependent. The decision to cancel a lesson due to safety or extreme weather concerns rests solely with the instructor. In the event of Altona KSS cancelling the lesson an alternative lesson will be rescheduled at no cost to the student.

Payment: Full payment must be received before the commencement of each lesson. Should payment not be received, Altona KSS reserves the right to treat the bookings as cancelled.

Cancellations: Customers are to notify Altona KSS via phone or email by 10am on the day of their lesson if they wish to rebook their lesson without incurring a cancellation fee. Cancellations later than 10am on the day of their lesson will result in a fee equal to 30 minutes of booked lesson time.

In the event of a lesson being cancelled by Altona KSS the customer may rebook at a later date or have their payment extended for a year from the booking date (refunds are not possible). In the event of a course being abandoned you will be offered an alternative activity or the remaining time on a future course.

Missed Bookings: In the event of a booked course being missed the voucher or payment for that course becomes null or void. No refunds or cancellation procedures may apply.

Gift and Lesson Vouchers: Gift and lesson vouchers are valid twelve months from the date of purchase. Vouchers are transferable between all courses and can be given to a third party; refunds are not possible under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the recipient to book and complete the course within the twelve month voucher period.

Lost lesson and gift vouchers may be redeemed if proof of purchase can be shown. Altona KSS reserves the right to refuse a replacement.

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How the information is used: Altona KSS uses your personal information so you can identify yourself when making an online booking or registration, to contact you about an enrolment, and to keep you informed (if you request it) of matters that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes and is not distributed to any other organisation for any purpose.

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