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Product Description

The Liquid Force Solo is an anomaly that has turned into one of the most sought after kites on the market. Standout characteristics include: smooth power delivery, exceptional bar feel, fast and responsive turning, unsurpassed wind range and efficiency. All of this comes wrapped in an extremely lightweight package.
Designed and engineered to be the perfect travel companion, we’ve packed these high-performance features into as lightweight of a bundle as possible. This design mission has translated into the ultimate light-wind kite, the Solo 17.5.
The Solo 17.5 utilizes the same single-strut design as its smaller siblings, allowing for stability and structure for easy re-launch. We have added light-wind features that make this one of the easiest, most manageable, light-wind specific kites available.
Elimination of Dacron on the wingtips: Being as light as possible is the key to unlocking light wind performance. Every ounce counts in keeping the kite flying and delivering power in low winds.
Low-drag bridles: Standard bridles provide greater strength but increased drag that keeps the kite from moving through the wind window into a more forward flying position. By utilizing bridles that are 50% smaller in diameter we were able to achieve a more forward position as well as increased power in every dive of the kite allowing for easy upwind progress.

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Weight 5 kg


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